Should You Appeal a Denial of Unemployment Benefits?

When it comes to unemployment benefits hearings, it’s best to hire an attorney to represent your best interests. The experienced attorneys at Schaeffer Law can handle a variety of employment matters in Clayton, MO, including unemployment benefits hearings. We’ll examine the circumstances of the employee’s termination and find out if a business should be held responsible for providing unemployment benefits.

Selecting us to represent and advise you during unemployment benefits hearings can save you from a lot of trouble. Handling the hearing on your own could lead to:

  • Not Receiving any Unemployment Benefits;
  • Missing Certain Deadlines;
  • Failing to Satisfy Filing Requirements;

The attorneys at Schaeffer Law are equipped to handle unemployment benefits hearings on behalf of former employees.  Since 2005, the general rule in Missouri is that former employees are entitled to receive unemployment benefits if the termination of their employment was not the result of misconduct.  We will determine whether your scenario should be considered misconduct under the present law.

It is standard for an employer to challenge almost every single claim filed by an ex-employee.  And, failing to follow through with good strategy will cost you money.  Unemployment benefits may last up to 20 weeks per employee at a rate of $320.00 per week.  In addition, there are certain deadlines and filing requirements to which employers must adhere in order to preserve their challenges.

If you have recently left your job, contact us today to make sure there’s someone fighting for your best interests.