Terminating employment requires careful consideration and good record keeping. Even in Missouri, an at-will employment state, employers cannot take a firing or a layoff lightly.  Time after time, Schaeffer Law’s attorneys have seen employers become the target of allegations of discrimination or wrongful termination.  In order to defeat these allegations, employers must be able to put on strong evidence that repudiates the claims.  Sound employment termination practice (with accompanying documentation such as procedures and policies) along with good performance and discipline records are invaluable in these scenarios.

In short, we know the path of least resistance for terminating employment.  Furthermore, we can counsel HR departments on how to minimize mistakes and try to prevent unfair and unwarranted allegations.  In the event that allegations are formalized in a petition or a complaint, we can handle your defense.

If you need counsel, contact an employment lawyer at Schaeffer Law.