Many occupations in St. Louis are inherently dangerous, especially construction jobs or those involving heavy machinery. Even so, many people suffer injuries while working in an office or retail setting.

Getting hurt on the job triggers certain protections under the law, such as the right to claim benefits under the workers’ compensation program. Additionally, employers cannot terminate or otherwise punish a worker who exercises their rights under these programs, and doing so would be a violation of state law and entitle a worker to seek civil remedies in court.

An attorney at our firm could help you protect your employment rights if your employer discharged you as a form of retaliation after you suffered a workplace injury. This is true regardless of whether your workers’ compensation claim resulted in the receipt of benefits. To learn more about retaliatory termination based on workplace injuries in St. Louis, connect with one of our diligent team members.

Legal Protections for Injured Workers in St. Louis

Employee in the State of Missouri enjoy many benefits and protections under the law, one of which is the right to collect workers’ compensation benefits in the event of a workplace injury or illness. State law requires all employers with five or more employees to carry a workers’ compensation insurance plan that covers all their workers.

These plans can provide essential income reimbursement and medical care if an employee suffers harm that keeps them off the job. Whether or not an employee receives these benefits is often a topic of contention between them and the insurance company. However, employers have a financial incentive to prevent the payment of benefits, leading to instances of retaliatory discharge or other forms of retaliation after a workplace injury.

Laws against Retaliatory Discharge after the Filing of a Workers’ Comp Claim

Since it is within the scope of an employee’s rights to pursue benefits under a workers’ compensation policy after suffering an illness or injury on the job, state law prohibits employers from retaliating against them in any way for doing so.

Specifically, Missouri Revisor of Statues §287.780 states that no employer can discharge or discriminate against a worker who seeks to obtain benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. Furthermore, an employer who violates this statute may be held civilly liable for any damages they cause to the worker.

Civil lawsuits for a retaliatory termination based on workplace injuries can seek legal remedies such as reinstatement in a previously held position, reimbursement of lost income, and attorneys’ fees. A lawyer in St. Louis could provide more information about state laws prohibiting workplace injury retaliation and guidance about one’s legal rights after a retaliatory discharge.

Ask a St. Louis Attorney about Retaliatory Discharge after a Workplace Injury

If you were met with a retaliatory discharge after suffering an injury on the job, a lawyer on our team could help perform an in-depth investigation into the facts of your case to determine whether an employer’s actions were connected to the filing of a workers’ compensation claim. Let us take the lead in a civil case to demand appropriate compensation on your behalf.

If you experienced a retaliatory termination after a workplace injury, reach out to a St. Louis attorney today. Call our firm today to have a legal advocate stand up for your rights and pursue the civil remedies you deserve.