State and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against their employees and retaliating against those who file discrimination complaints or participate in the investigatory process. Employers that participate in this behavior may face governmental investigations as well as civil lawsuits from affected workers.

A St. Louis retaliatory termination lawyer at our firm may be able to help you hold your former boss accountable if you were fired as a form of workplace retaliation. This may involve filing complaints with relevant state or federal agencies and pursuing appropriate legal remedies in civil court.

Federal Laws against Wrongfully Firing an Employee

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibit discrimination in the workplace. Employers that violate these laws may face investigations from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and even private lawsuits from aggrieved workers.

An employer who tries to circumvent a government investigation by firing employees for filing complaints or assisting in an investigation may also be found in violation of applicable labor laws. A St. Louis retaliatory discharge attorney may be able to provide more information about the federal laws that prohibit retaliation in the workplace and seek out an appropriate remedy for impacted employees.

State Protections for Wrongfully Discharged Workers in St. Louis

Certain state laws also prohibit firing workers who file complaints of discrimination or participate in government investigations. Specifically, the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, in conjunction with the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, can investigate alleged instances of retaliation that occur in the workplace, including retaliatory termination.

While state labor laws specify that minor occurrences or slights do not rise to the level of retaliation, an unlawful firing certainly would. For this reason, employees who have experienced retaliatory termination should enlist the help of a local lawyer to determine what legal remedies might be available to them under relevant labor laws.

How an Attorney Could Help after a Retaliatory Firing

Parties who believe they have experienced a retaliatory firing after exercising their rights in the workplace or assisting a government investigation have several options under the law. The first step is to file a formal complaint with the relevant regulatory agency.

This can include the Missouri Commission on Human Rights or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A St. Louis attorney could help workers gather evidence concerning a retaliatory termination and submit it to the relevant agencies to trigger an investigation.

After a formal complaint is filed with a government agency, aggrieved employees are granted the right to pursue compensation for their losses in a civil lawsuit. A St. Louis retaliatory termination attorney could take the lead in gathering evidence and demanding compensation and other legal remedies in civil court. These remedies may include reinstatement at a job, the receipt of back pay, and attorneys’ fees.

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Both state and federal laws prohibit retaliation in the workplace after an employee exercises their rights under applicable labor laws. This retaliation can include termination but can also cover transfers, demotions, or hostile work environments. Workers who are discharged for filing a workplace complaint or helping in an investigation have rights under the law to seek out a civil remedy in court.

A St. Louis retaliatory termination lawyer could help you understand the relevant laws, perform a thorough investigation into the incident, submit complaints to the relevant government agencies, and take the lead in filing lawsuits demanding appropriate remedies. Contact our team today to learn more.