The right to earn a living and pursue a career free from the threats of harassment and discrimination is central to state and federal labor laws. However, many aggrieved workers who experience maltreatment in the workplace are met with retaliation after submitting a complaint to the State’s Department of Labor & Industrial Relations or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

However, state law prohibits retaliation of any kind against a worker who starts or cooperates with a workplace investigation. A St. Louis workplace retaliation lawyer on our team could help you pursue legal remedies against an employer who unlawfully retaliated against you. Let one of our diligent employment attorneys help you hold your boss accountable in a court of law.

State Laws Prohibiting Retaliation in the Workplace

Missouri Revised Statute §213.070 prohibits retaliation against any worker for pursuing a claim under the Human Rights Act. Specifically, this statute makes it illegal for employers to take disciplinary actions against any worker for filing a complaint or assisting with a workplace investigation. This often happens when an employee reports their boss or co-workers for discrimination. Some business owners take disciplinary action to discourage their workforce from reporting violations of employment law.

Federal Laws against Workplace Retaliation

Some federal laws also prohibit retaliation against employees who file a complaint under the EEOC or who participate in government investigations. This retaliation can take any form that adversely impacts the work experience of the employee.

For example, employers who terminate, demote, transfer, or threaten workers for exercising their rights violate these laws. A St. Louis workplace retaliation attorney could provide more insight on federal protections against taking disciplinary action against a worker for acting within the scope of their employment rights.

Protecting Workers from Retaliation

If a worker suspects that their boss will take disciplinary action, a St. Louis lawyer could help prevent retaliation from taking place by drafting letters to employers informing them of an employee’s rights.

In instances where retaliation has already occurred, filing a complaint with Missouri’s Department of Labor & Industrial Relations will initiate an official investigation into the incident and grants a person the right to demand a remedy in civil court. A local attorney could take the lead in these lawsuits and work to prove that retaliation has taken place.

Ask a St. Louis Attorney about Retaliation in the Workplace

Every employer in St. Louis must adhere to relevant labor laws. This includes not interfering with the rights of employees to report violations of the law and to not intimidate individuals from cooperating with government investigations.

A St. Louis workplace retaliation lawyer could help you exercise your rights as a worker by filing a wage complaint and speaking with investigators. Let our team work to protect your rights and seek out an appropriate remedy in court. Reach out to us today to explore your options with an experienced professional.