Harassment generally refers to any action taken by employers or co-workers that targets a person based on who they are, including jokes about a person’s sex, discrimination because of pregnancy, and sexual harassment. Despite federal and state employment laws and changes in societal norms, many employees still experience sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

A St. Louis workplace sexual harassment lawyer is ready to help anyone who has been subjected to unwanted advances at work. One of our steadfast workplace harassment attorneys could assist in filing a complaint with The Department of Labor & Industrial relations and taking the lead in pursuing civil lawsuits on behalf of aggrieved workers.

State Law Prohibits Harassment in the Workplace

Missouri Revised Statute §213.055 makes it illegal for employers in St. Louis to discriminate against any employee or candidate for employment on the basis of their sex. Case law has expanded this definition to include any form of harassment. It is therefore against the law for an employer to harass a person because of their sex. This can include:

  • Demanding sexual favors as a factor in employment or promotion
  • Stereotyping people because of their sex
  • Discriminating against a person because of pregnancy or status as a parent
  • Retaliating against a worker for their rejection of unwanted sexual advances

Each of these examples justifies filing a formal complaint with the state Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, which has the authority to investigate claims of sexual discrimination in the workplace. A St. Louis attorney could provide more insight into the state’s laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace.

Helping Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment Seek Justice

By filing a complaint with the Department, a worker will earn the right to pursue an independent lawsuit with the professional help and guidance of a workplace sexual harassment attorney. In these cases, aggrieved workers bear the burden of proving sexual discrimination and demanding an appropriate remedy. Workers who were fired or demoted due to sexual harassment may receive back pay and/or reinstatement at work in a successful lawsuit, in addition to punitive damages, compensatory damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs.

A St. Louis lawyer at our firm is prepared to take the lead in workplace sexual harassment and discrimination cases. One of our team members could help gather evidence of a pattern of sexual harassment, submit that information to the Department, and pursue lawsuits in court that demand an appropriate remedy.

Call a St. Louis Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney Today

Workplace sexual harassment is a persistent problem that can affect anyone. Patterns of inappropriate jokes and unwanted sexual advances can contribute to a hostile work environment that violates a worker’s rights. In more extreme situations, demanding sexual favors or firing an employee for rejecting an advance typically has more severe consequences for complicit employers.

In either case, our team could help hold an employer accountable in court for violating the law. Enlist the help of a St. Louis workplace harassment lawyer to investigate the incident, file a complaint with the State, and demand fair remedies. Contact our firm today to learn more how our attorneys could help you.