Unfortunately, race discrimination is still problem in many St. Louis workplaces. While it is the employer’s legal responsibility to remedy any workplace discrimination issues, it is often the case that not enough is being done to address prejudice behavior in the workplace. An employer who harasses, discriminates against, or mistreats an employee because of their race or skin color should be held accountable for breaking the law.

Your fitness for a job position should be solely based on your work ethic, abilities, and experience, not the color of your skin. If you are being discriminated against by your employer or a potential employer based on your race, you may be able to file a lawsuit with the help of a diligent workplace discrimination attorney. Working with a St. Louis race discrimination lawyer from our firm may be the best way to maximize your chances of success.

State and Federal Protections against Racial Discrimination

Under Missouri Revisor of Statutes Title 12 §213.111, better known as the Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA), an individual cannot be refused equal employment opportunities because of their racial group or perceived racial group, race-related characteristics (i.e., hair texture or color, facial features, etc.), or marriage to someone of a specific race or color. Offensive behavior, such as racial or ethnic slurs, racial “jokes,” derogatory remarks, or other verbal/physical conduct based on an individual’s race or color is prohibited under both the MHRA and 42 United States Code §2000e-2.

St. Louis employers are legally required to take appropriate steps to prevent and correct unlawful harassment and discrimination taking place in their company. A well-versed attorney could assist a worker in proving patterns or instances of racial discrimination in the workplace as well as an employer’s failure to rectify the situation.

Damages for Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Workers who are subjected to race discrimination only have 180 days to file a formal complaint through the Missouri Commission on Human Rights. After successfully filing a complaint, they gain the right to file a claim for racial discrimination in a local civil court to recover their losses.

When an employee sues for racial discrimination in the workplace, they can only recover damages if they are able to prove that the illegal activity occurred because of their race and was a “direct proximate cause” of their asserted losses. Because the burden of proof is on the aggrieved worker, the value of obtaining legal counsel from a St. Louis race discrimination attorney cannot be understated.

An employee who proves workplace discrimination may recover damages for missed wages, emotional distress, discomfort, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and other nonmonetary losses, as well as punitive damages. It is often best to let a local lawyer assess your damages after instances of racial discrimination in the workplace to ensure you recover the full amount of compensation available to you.

Call a St. Louis Race Discrimination Attorney Today

Race discrimination cases are often intricate and difficult to prove. For this reason, it is advisable to let an attorney help you create a solid claim and file a lawsuit as soon as possible. Our St. Louis race discrimination lawyers are prepared to review your case and assist you in seeking restitution, so call today to get started.