The workforce in St. Louis and the surrounding areas continues to get older. Because of this, employers may be tempted to rejuvenate their staff by firing or refusing to hire workers of a certain age. Fortunately for workers and candidates for employment, discrimination on the basis of a person’s age is illegal at both the state and federal levels.

Employers who violate anti-discrimination laws may face a variety of legal consequences, including an investigation by federal and state regulatory agencies. In addition, impacted employees or employee candidates may pursue civil lawsuits to demand appropriate remedies.

A St. Louis age discrimination lawyer at our firm may be able to help protect your employment rights if your career has suffered unfairly because of your age or perceived age. Our workplace discrimination attorneys can work to investigate the event, explain your legal rights, and demand appropriate remedies from liable parties.

State and Federal Laws Prohibiting Age Discrimination in the Workplace

A federal law known as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) says that employers cannot refuse to hire or otherwise punish an employee because of their age. Specifically, this section of the law applies to all workers aged 40 and above. However, the ADEA does not apply to every employer. Workplaces with fewer than 20 employees are exempt from this rule.

Missouri Revised Statute §213.055 prohibits age discrimination in the workplace in much the same way as the ADEA. However, this state law applies to all businesses with six or more employees, meaning almost every employer in St. Louis must abide by these rules. A local attorney could provide more information about the laws that prohibit ageism in the workplace.

Seeking Appropriate Remedies

People who have experienced age discrimination at work or in the hiring process have two methods of seeking justice.

The first is to file a formal complaint of discrimination with the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, which has the power to investigate violations of state labor laws such as those prohibiting ageism. This agency can punish employers as well as require them to compensate aggrieved employees. Additionally, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can perform similar investigations for alleged violations of federal labor laws.

Workers who file a formal complaint of age discrimination will receive a notice of their right to seek legal remedies in civil court. These can often include the receipt of back pay, reinstatement at work, or other forms of compensation. A St. Louis age discrimination attorney could help parties seek these remedies.

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Ageism is one of the most common forms of workplace discrimination in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. A combination of federal and state laws makes it illegal for companies to fire, refuse to hire, or otherwise discipline an employee for their age if they are older than 40. Companies that violate these laws may face government investigations and civil liability.

A St. Louis age discrimination lawyer on our team could help you recover compensation for the losses you’ve experienced. This involves making demands for payment through settlements or filing a lawsuit in a local courthouse if necessary. Contact our firm now to learn more about your options.