An employer’s obligation to pay an employee for their time spent working is central to labor laws in St. Louis and around the country. This includes providing at least the minimum wage for every hour worked and overtime pay when required, and not illegally withholding or deducting pay. Employers who violate these labor laws and commit wage theft are subject to both government investigations and civil lawsuits demanding back pay and other remedies.

A St. Louis wage theft lawyer at our firm could help you pursue civil litigation while a government investigation takes place. The outcome of an investigation can also be used as evidence in a civil claim against an employer who committed wage theft. Let one of our diligent wage and hour attorneys help you protect your employment rights.

How do Federal and State Law Define Wage Theft?

An employer commits wage theft when they do not pay a worker the money they have earned. This can include minimum wage and overtime violations and even a failure to accurately document an employee’s hours. Missouri Revised Statute §290.502 sets the minimum wage at $10.30 an hour for 2021 based on the consumer price index. Furthermore, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires certain employers to pay one and a half times a worker’s normal hourly rate for every hour worked in excess of 40 during a given week.

Hourly workers are not the only ones who can fall victim to wage theft. People who earn tips often find that their employers are unfairly withholding those wages. It is also illegal for employers to withhold pay as a disciplinary measure. A St. Louis attorney could provide more insight on wage theft and offer ways to seek a remedy.

Legal Options for Instances of Wage Theft

Workers who have not received payment can file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD). The Department of Labor & Industrial Relations also has the authority to investigate claims of wage theft and issue remedies to unpaid or underpaid workers.

Aggrieved workers may also pursue a private lawsuit in a St. Louis civil court while government investigations are under way. Any business that refuses to pay appropriate or steals earned pay can be held civilly liable to reimburse a worker’s missing wages. One of our experienced lawyers could even help workers demand court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees from their employers. Let a member of our team help determine which is the best course of action in your case.

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Whether you were denied minimum wage or overtime or had your hours manipulated by your employer, we could help you take appropriate legal action. A St. Louis wage theft lawyer is prepared to fight for you. An attorney at our firm could perform a full investigation into the alleged wage theft, explain your rights in the workplace, and demand proper compensation during settlement talks or in court. Contact our team today to discuss your options with a professional.