Federal law provides employment protections for many workers around the country. These apply to most employers operating in the St. Louis area. One prominent example of these laws is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which establishes a minimum wage for most hourly workers and requires employers to provide overtime pay to non-exempt employees.

Unfortunately, violations of the FLSA are common. Employers may fail to provide payment at the minimum wage or unfairly manipulate worker timecards to avoid paying them overtime. When this occurs, workers have the right to demand legal remedies in federal court with the help of dedicated wage and hour attorneys. A St. Louis Fair Labor Standards Act lawyer can help investigate the incident, protect your legal rights, and demand that you are adequately paid for value of your work.

The Fair Labor Standards Act and Workplace Protections

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a collection of federal laws that apply to almost all employers around the country. Most relevant to workers in St. Louis are the laws that create a minimum hourly wage and require employers to provide overtime pay.

As of 2021, the federally mandated minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour. The State of Missouri has set a higher minimum wage requirement. However, this does not apply to every worker. For example, employers may classify a worker as “exempt” from these protections when they earn tips, are informally employed, or have a disability that prevents them from doing the same amount of work as other employees. Additional exemptions may apply for workers who are under the age of 18 or who work in certain industries.

Furthermore, the FLSA also requires employers to pay non-exempt workers 1.5x their normal hourly wage for every hour worked in excess of 40 in a given week. A St. Louis attorney can offer more insight on the FLSA and the protections it provides for qualifying workers

Potential Remedies after an FLSA Violation

People who believe that they have been the victim of an FLSA violation have the right to seek compensation through a lawsuit in federal court. The FLSA allows aggrieved employees to sue their employers and demand compensation for all lost wages. These lawsuits can demand the payment of back wages as well as liquidated damages in the amount of double the missing pay. This law also permits the Court to award the payment of attorney’s fees and costs associated with the litigation. This serves to dissuade employers from violating the law and gives workers the ability to stand up for their rights. A St. Louis FLSA lawyer is prepared to help employees pursue these lawsuits and demand fair payment for their work.

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Most businesses in the St. Louis area must abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act. This includes paying hourly workers no less than the minimum wage and providing proper overtime pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 during a given week.

If you believe your employment rights under the FLSA have been violated, a St. Louis Fair Labor Standards Act lawyer can help. Let our team help investigate the matter, determine your rights under the law, and pursue appropriate legal remedies. Give us a call now so we can get to work helping you.