Most employers in St. Louis and around the state are required by law to pay a minimum wage to their employees for every hour worked. A combination of state and federal laws create minimum wage requirements and mandate overtime pay for some businesses. Employees who believe that they have received pay that violates these laws may file a complaint with the State or the federal government. They also have the option to pursue a private lawsuit with the help of a skilled employment law attorney. A St. Louis wage and hour lawyer at our firm could help investigate any nonpayment of wages and file complaints in civil court that demand appropriate remedies on your behalf.

Wage and Hour Laws in St. Louis

According to Missouri Revised Statute §290.502, the amount of the minimum wage changes every year based on the consumer price index. As of 2021, this wage is $10.30 per hour.

Federal law also requires the payment of overtime for all hourly workers. Specifically, qualifying workers who are on the job for more than 40 hours in any given week are entitled to receive one and a half times their normal hourly rate for all hours worked in excess of 40. However, many workers do not fall under this umbrella. Common overtime exemptions include:

  • Tipped workers
  • Workers who earn commissions (workers who have unpaid commissions may seek damages under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and through a Breach of Contract action)
  • Salaried employees

A local attorney could provide more information about the relevant wage and hour laws and help workers understand whether they are exempt from overtime provisions.

Filing Wage and Hour Complaints

Missouri’s Department of Labor & Industrial Relations investigates claims of wage and hour violations and prosecutes employers who do not adhere to applicable labor laws. Workers who are being underpaid may also file a complaint with the United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division (WHD) to trigger an investigation into the incident and pursue appropriate remedies.

However, a better option may be to pursue a private lawsuit in civil court. If an employee can prove that they did not receive proper pay for the hours they worked, the court may award the full amount of wages due, liquidated damages, as well as court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees. A St. Louis wage and hour attorney can take the lead in pursuing a civil lawsuit against an employer by determining whether a wage violation has occurred, building a powerful case against an unscrupulous employer, and presenting those facts before a judge.

Let a St. Louis Wage and Hour Attorney Help Protect Your Rights as an Employee

Every person deserves to earn a fair wage for the work they perform. Both state and federal laws offer protections to ensure employees are paid fairly for the hours they work. Whether you were underpaid for work you performed or wrongfully denied overtime pay, let a St. Louis wage and hour lawyer help you determine whether your employment rights have been violated. Reach out to an attorney at our firm today to learn more about your options for seeking legal remedies.