While many instances of workplace discrimination or harassment are isolated incidents, situations can arise where a workplace’s culture becomes permeated with hostile or abusive behavior. These environments threaten the wellbeing, success, and legal rights of all employees. As a result, aggrieved workers who are suffering from the adverse effects of a hostile work environment have the ability to seek legal remedies with the professional help and guidance of an employment law attorney.

A St. Louis hostile work environment lawyer on our team may even be able to help you pursue a lawsuit that alleges an unsafe workspace if your employer fails to take appropriate action to remedy the situation despite being put on notice thereof. These lawsuits may demand restitution in the form of monetary compensation and other remedies.

What Makes a Workplace Hostile?

If a worker filed a complaint with their HR department, but abuse has continued, this would be considered a hostile workplace. Additionally, certain hostile behaviors may violate the Missouri Human Rights Act, such as:

A St. Louis attorney could provide more insight and information about hostile work environment and what options there are to remedy the hostility.

Protecting the Victims of Hostile Work Environments in St. Louis

The potential impact of working in a hostile environment cannot be understated. At the bare minimum, repeated actions of hostility can intimidate employees or make them feel uncomfortable. In more severe cases, people may feel as though their safety or mental health is constantly under attack by their peers or higher-ups. It is essential for affected workers to understand their legal rights and options.

The State of Missouri encourages anyone experiencing a hostile work environment to file a complaint with the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations. When filing this report, it is essential to provide concrete evidence of the workplace’s hostile environment. Evidence can include emails, voicemails, video camera footage, or other forms of documentation.

This evidence is also vital if a worker chooses to pursue a private lawsuit in civil court. However, civil litigation is only possible after receiving a Notice of Right to Sue from the Department. A local lawyer can take the lead in these lawsuits and demand compensation on behalf of an employee who had to work in a hostile environment.

Let a St. Louis Hostile Work Environment Attorney Help Protect Your Rights

No one should have to endure a hostile environment to provide for themselves and their families. Businesses that allow this behavior to continue create a hostile workplace and violate state labor laws.

A St. Louis hostile work environment lawyer at our firm could help you seek the remedies that are available to you. This includes filing a complaint with the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations as well as pursuing a private lawsuit in civil court if necessary. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about your options.