Most workers in St. Louis and throughout the state are at-will employees, meaning they may leave their jobs at any time, and an employer may terminate someone’s employment for any lawful reason. A rare exception to this rule exists when a worker signs an employment contract.

These contracts typically specify a person’s work responsibilities, rate of pay, and length of employment. As long as a worker performs their job duties and holds up their end of the contract, their employer must keep them on the job.

Even so, it is not unusual for disputes to arise concerning these contracts. A St. Louis employment contracts lawyer could stand up for your rights during these disputes. Specifically, one of our experienced employment law attorneys could negotiate favorable terms for a contract on your behalf and pursue proper compensation in cases of nonpayment.

Helping Workers Negotiate Employment Contracts

An employment contract indicates the length of time a worker will be employed as well as the rate of pay they can expect to receive during that time. It is sometimes necessary to negotiate terms that are favorable to an employee in cases where their employer attempts to take advantage of them. In such cases, a St. Louis employment contracts attorney could help emphasize a potential worker’s value to the company and advocate for healthcare or other fringe benefits on their behalf.

Representing Employees after a Breach of Contract

An employment contract functions like any other contract in the eyes of the law. This means that if one party feels that the other has not fulfilled their end of the bargain, they may take the case to court. For example, legal action may be warranted when an employer preemptively terminates employment or fails to provide the amount pay specified by the terms of their agreement.

An aggrieved worker may ask a court to validate the contract, determine whether a breach has occurred, and enforce the terms of the agreement. A St. Louis attorney could assist in demanding the enforcement of employment contracts, filing complaints in court, and presenting cases to juries.

Additionally, one of our lawyers could help ensure that a breach of contract case is filed in a timely manner. According to Missouri Revised Statutes §516.110, aggrieved workers have 10 years from the date of a breach of contract to file a lawsuit against their employer, but the specific type of contract breach may shorten this filing deadline considerably, making it crucial to discuss the facts of your case with an attorney.

Get in Touch with a St. Louis Employment Contracts Attorney Today

When a potential employer suggests entering into an employment contract, it is essential to understand your rights before signing. Whether you need help negotiating the terms of this contract for better pay, fringe benefits, or vacation time, a St. Louis employment contracts lawyer is ready to represent your interests.

Our team could also help if your boss breached your contract. Parties who fail to perform their duties under an employment contract may be required to issue repayment or face other penalties. Reach out to an attorney in St. Louis today to learn more about your options.