If you have been in an auto accident, there is no doubt your life has been disrupted. With the right help, there are often many ways to solve the problem. Our St. Louis car accident lawyers might be able to get you a rental car under your own insurance policy or the insurance policy of the wrongdoer. Even if we cannot get them to pay for this “up front,” we can advise you about what can be done in order to recover that expense at the “end” of your case.

You can often have your own insurance carrier repair the car or have the “other” insurer repair the car. There are advantages and disadvantages to either approach that vary from case to case. Let our team of attorneys explain those issues and guide you through them.

Who Will Pay for Medical Treatment after a Car Crash?

Sometimes, there are very few resources available, and we can guide you to certain providers that understand enough to wait until the case is resolved to secure payment. Other times, there are a multitude of resources available, and surprisingly, you can make multiple collections that are perfectly legal.

Sometimes, the other driver does not have insurance. When that happens, uninsured motorist laws make it possible to recover for your injuries against your own carrier. Many times, our clients are not aware that they have coverage that provides for payment of injuries over and above what the “other” driver’s carrier pays. We are familiar with all these policies and can help you understand them.

Once we are through the initial problems of car rental, car repair or replacement, and medical treatment, we can focus on settling your car accident case. Hard work and preparation are the best ways to secure a favorable settlement, and your assistance is important. We will need pictures of the damaged car. We will need you to keep a careful record of all medical treatment. We will need to help you get all of the medical treatment you need for a successful recovery.

If necessary, as we move toward trial, we have many things to do together to persuade the jury to do the right thing. We have years of experience in the presentation of evidence during car crash trials that will give you the best chance of a successful outcome in your case.

We offer various types of contingent fee contracts, and we do not get paid unless we win the case. Please call our St. Louis car accident lawyers, and we will help you through the legal process of obtaining compensation.