St. Louis Retaliation Lawyer

Retaliation occurs when an employer terminates or adversely affects one’s employment due to that employee’s activity within a protected classification.  Essentially, an employer cannot punish an employee for engaging in a legally protected activity.  Often, retaliation stems from things such as:

In order to build a retaliation case, evidence is generally gathered from many sources. Examples of retaliatory treatment may include:

  • Being excluded from work activity and decisions by supervisors and management;
  • Being verbally abused by supervisors or management;
  • Job loss;
  • Receiving fewer assignments;
  • Being passed up for a raise or promotion;
  • Receiving a pay cut or a demotion;
  • Being relocated or reassigned;
  • Physical harm to personal property.

If you have experienced any of this unlawful treatment, contact a retaliation attorney at Schaeffer Law.