If a health care provider harms you by failing to exercise that degree of skill and learning ordinarily exercised by members of the profession, then he or she is guilty of a legal wrong for which you have a right to recover.

We have been through the analysis of countless potential cases. We are always glad to talk to you about your case to help you try to understand why a bad result came about. We will help you understand whether there is a high enough probability of winning the case for a large enough sum that we can proceed to represent you on a contingency fee basis.


We have handled cases involving infections, birth trauma, failed orthopedic appliances and implants, muscular disease, emergency room malpractice involving the failure to diagnose heart attacks and aneurysms. We have handled failed plastic surgery cases, failed abdominal surgery cases, failure to properly treat eye trauma, failure to properly screen for children’s eye disease. In addition to actually handling those cases, we have spoken to and investigated cases involving a very wide range of medical treatment.

If you have a question in this area, please feel free to call us. We are eager to help you understand the problem and see if there is a legal aspect to your claim.