If You Are Facing a DWI Charge, You Need a Lawyer

You are faced with a charge that could carry serious consequences. If your case goes the wrong way you could lose your license . . . your insurance premiums could rise dramatically. . . you could face substantial fines . . . you could even go to jail. A conviction will likely haunt you for many years to come, even hurting you when you apply for a job.

The attorneys at the Schaeffer Law, LLC know you are concerned about what might happen to you, and we can help. There may be challenges that can be made to the driving while intoxicated charges you are facing. We will review your DWI case carefully, identify any weaknesses in the charges, and take the necessary steps to insure that your case is the strongest possible.

Our Goal is to Keep Your Record Clean

If your attorney does not take the extra steps necessary to ensure the best outcome of your DWI case, you may accept an unnecessarily severe sentence.

Our goal is to keep your record clean, and to help you avoid losing your freedom and your driving privileges. We will work hard to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. Often the best choice is to fight. We are committed to defending your rights, and to the principle that you remain innocent until proven guilty.

By retaining us, you will ensure that you are treated fairly, and that you will have a complete understanding of what is going on in your DWI case.

Get The Legal Help You Need!

Our lawyers use the legal tools at our disposal to force the Prosecutor to prove that all the steps of your arrest were performed properly. If they were not, then the State’s case is significantly weakened.

We cannot promise a specific outcome because each case is unique. However, you will find that we are highly-skilled, professional, and that we work hard to protect your rights.


When you retain our firm you will get expert legal help from an attorney who knows how to guide your case through the complexities of the legal system. You will be certain you are being treated fairly by the justice system. We will always insist:

* That the Prosecutor provide us with the name and address of anyone he or she plans to call as a witness, as well as copies of every written or recorded witness statement. This will allow us to prepare the kind of questions that can weaken the state’s case against you.

* That the Prosecutor provide us with any information or material he has which would show that you are not guilty of the DWI charge against you, or which may help you get a lighter sentence.

* On receiving copies of records showing that the equipment used for tests was functioning properly, and that the police officer giving the tests was properly certified.

* On proof that you were advised of all of your rights. If you were not, the Prosecutor’s case may be weakened.

We force Prosecutors to produce their evidence. As your attorneys, we will evaluate all aspects of your driving while intoxicated case so that you will have the strongest possible defense.

Free Consultation and Review of Your DWI Case

Like most people arrested for DWI, you may not know what to do, and you probably do not know whether you can win if you challenge your arrest. Be assured that asserting your legal rights does not make you a bad person and, above all…you are not alone.

If you would like to meet with one of our attorneys we will be happy to set up an appointment. You will be able to learn all you need to know about your situation. This appointment is free to you. There is no further obligation at all.

To arrange for your free attorney consultation, you can call and speak to one of our attorneys, or leave us a message, 24 hours a day. An attorney will return your call as soon as possible. The first meeting is free, so there is no risk on your part; and you will be able to get all of your questions answered.

At the end of the consultation you will be more knowledgeable, you will know what to expect in the judicial process, and you will be able to make more informed decisions about your DWI case.

If you have been arrested in the past fifteen days for having a blood, breath or urine test result above .08%, or refused to take a chemical test after being arrested for one of these types of offenses, you must take IMMEDIATE action or your license will be suspended or revoked. In Missouri, you must appeal the refusal/arrest within 15 days or else you have completely waived many of your rights. Even if you are running out of time after your arrest, feel free to call our offices for advice.

The charges against you are serious and can damage your record, finances, and even your livelihood, for years to come.

Contact a criminal defense attorney at Schaeffer Law to defend you against DWI / Driving While Intoxicated charges.