Documenting employment policies and procedures is the best measure to prevent employee disputes and retaliation on a host of issues. Our employment lawyers assist employers in developing, drafting and implementing employee handbooks and policies.

At a minimum, good policy provides straightforward guidance on expectations in the workplace and it offers clear explanation on prohibited conduct, avenues for complaints and assurances for prompt and thorough investigation and resolution of complaints.

Written policies and procedures, as well as methods for documenting the distribution of handbooks or policy manuals to employees offers a basic level protection for employers. Providing supervisor and employee training goes even further to create a workplace where employers are protected from complaints brought by current and former employees.

Employee handbooks and policies developed with the assistance of a qualified employment lawyer will help ensure compliance with state and federal laws, and administrative agency regulations, and may become part of your defense in employee disputes or lawsuits.  In addition, good documentation is often required to execute an effective quality management system, which is a must for company seeking ISO certification.

Important Company Documentation topics include:

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