We will resolve your breach of contract issue in a timely manner.

Breach of contract claims are very common matters for civil litigation, business litigation, and employment litigation. Breach of contract matters are often very complex because each party’s viewpoint is different regarding the terms of the agreement, quality of a service, or delivery of final product of result.  These claims require an experienced attorney to help with the process, which may involve a complex court case.

In the event you are involved in a breach of contract dispute and cannot find resolution on your own, you must seek experienced legal representation.


As part of the hiring process employees and independent contractors are often required to enter into employment contracts.  These contracts can contain different types of information; some are simple, and some are complex.  But, in general, the contract will outline important information that pertain to your job.  By entering into the contract, you are agreeing to hold up your end of the bargain by performing pursuant to the terms of your deal.

These contracts are usually written and follow common formats.  At times, however, contracts are born out of oral statements (which may be construed as promises) or implication based upon actions of your employer.  These are usually claims of quasi-contract, which is a legal term that means a contractual relationship exists, even though there was no express language giving way to its formation.

It is always recommended that you consult with an attorney before signing anything as important as an employment contract, simply to make sure that you understand the four corners of the agreement.  This is usually rather inexpensive and can save you from complex and potentially expensive future issues.

Some examples of breach of contract disputes that you may experience include:

  • An employer’s failure to notify you of a contract’s accompanying policies, etc.;
  • An employer’s refusal to pay out bonuses or commissions;
  • Damages being sought for revealing trade secrets;
  • The enforcement of non-compete terms;
  • Refund of signing bonus;
  • Fraud;
  • Lost Profits.

If you believe that your employer has breached a contract or failed to perform on an obligation, or if you simply want an attorney to review something that your employer is asking you to sign, it is a good idea to contact a breach of contract attorney to discuss the matter.