With our counsel, there is no reason to fear OSHA.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency charged with the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of workers.  OSHA has the authority to investigate claims made by various parties.  It also has authority to conduct inspections of various natures.

If your company is the subject of an OSHA investigation or inspection, it is a good idea to contact an attorney who is experienced in these matters.  The time during OSHA’s inspection is critical for employers who want to minimize the number and severity of the citations they receive. During the inspection, we work with employers to seek to ensure that they are clearly communicating with OSHA and avoiding misunderstandings that could lead to additional citations.


The most common causes for OSHA inspections and investigations are:

  • Imminent Danger Situations;
  • Severe Injury or Illness;
  • Worker Complaints;
  • Referrals;
  • Targeted Inspections;
  • Follow-up Inspections.

In the event that you have already been cited, we have the expertise to represent you in a negotiation of the fines levied against your organization.

Contact an experienced OSHA attorney today to review your situation.